Alex Beam's "My WILD Summer"

Eli Polonsky
Wed Aug 3 14:15:51 EDT 2011

>Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 01:44:29 +0000
>From: "Kevin Vahey" <>
>To: "Michael Wilkins" <>,
>Subject: Re: Alex Beam's "My WILD Summer"
>Alex does not seem to grasp that WILD is a daytimer :)

He probably doesn't know what a daytimer is, or about
nighttime AM signal propagation. He appears to believe
that WILD is on the air at night, rebroadcasting WBAL.

I have actually encountered many other people over the
years who also didn't know and just assumed that WILD
was rebroadcasting WBAL at night, although it made no
sense that a station that then had an urban format in
the daytime would do that at night.

A few years ago, a wanna-be DJ told me that he was 
"going to apply for a nighttime show at WILD, when
they're just rebroadcasting this news station from
Baltimore". I broke the news to him that wouldn't
be possible, but I don't know if he understood why.


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