WAAF Apparently Transmitting From Paxton, Not WUNI-DT Tower

Jeff Lehmann jjlehmann@comcast.net
Tue Apr 12 11:37:39 EDT 2011

I was the one that posted that last Monday. Seems like they were only on Paxton for a couple hours last Monday after they apparently had trouble with lightning, and seemly lost all communication with the WUNI site.  Both transmitters were on at the same time, WUNI with dead air (both analog and HD) and Paxton on with analog only audio. Paxton didn't seem to have RDS, while the dead carrier did.

Since that day, they've been back with HD and RDS, so I assume it's back on WUNI. I don't have a HD receiver with me right now, but I am seeing RDS.

Jeff Lehmann

On Apr 11, 2011, at 1:34 PM, "Laurence Glavin" <lglavin@mail.com> wrote:

> There was a posting at the Radio-info.com Boston Board that WAAF-FM 107.3 has been transmitting
> from its "auxiliary" site in Paxton, Ma (its longtime transmitter site when licensed to Worcester
> rather than to Westboro, as is currently the case). My primary FM receiver has an attached indoor
> antenna that I can adjust for various stations when necessary. (I can diminish reception of NHPR's
> outlet in Nashua at 88.3 to improve my reception of WFCR-FM 88.5 transmitting from Pelham, MA).
> My receiver shows relative signal strength with 12 vertical bars (yes "12 steps") and ever since
> the move to the weaker directional antenna on the WUNI-DT tower, it seems that WAAF has been lucky
> to reach a '9'. This morning (Monday, 04/11) it went all the way to about '10'; its neighbor an Asnebumskit
> Hill, WSRS-FM 96.1, about '11'. Sometimes however, in the spring with warm, humid air and weather fronts
> all over the place, FM signals seem to get a boost. Some people posting to Radio-info.com from areas
> well west of Boston report the same reception of WAAF they got before the switch. I suspect very
> strongly that WAAF is in fact broadcasting from Paxton right now.

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