Severin suspended again

Ari Alpert
Fri Apr 1 14:03:12 EDT 2011

Boston Herald reports that Jay Severin suspension is due to comments about 
sexual relationships with interns and former employees at a company he owned.

"Severin’s suspension came after he said during Monday’s show that when  he 

his own company, he hired “mostly attractive young women” and  had sex with 
nearly all of them over two decades."

I wonder if this will be the end of his WTKK gig or does he get yet another 
chance to apologize and get back on air? This also makes me question what the 
parameters are for suspension. The article suggests that GM just wants out of 
the expensive contract or maybe they will use this situation to renegotiate the 
contract. They have not pulled his voiced spots off the air so it seems his fate 
is not decided yet.


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