Jim Runyon

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Jim Runyon in mentioned in this TIME Magazine article about Chickenman from 1967 saying he and his wife had moved to Boston.  

Boston in those days was still considered one of the top markets for radio as the sunbelt cities hadn't exploded yet. I would guess in 1967 Boston was the #6 market just a shade behind Detroit.  

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He was at HDH circa 1968 or so.  If memory serves he replaced Fred B Cole when HDH was trying to get a younger voice.  
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I believe you are right about him being at WHDH... When I was at Grahm
Junior College in the early seventies, someone had done an interview
with Runyon... I have it on a reel to reel... Somewhere...

-Rick Kelly

On 9/27/10, Doug Drown <revdoug1@myfairpoint.net> wrote:
> Jim Runyon's famed 1960s "Chicken Man" radio series came to my mind a few
> minutes ago, for some reason, so I looked up Runyon in Wikipedia.  It
> mentions him serving in the Korean War, then joining KYW (now WTAM) in
> Cleveland in 1961, leaving there for WCFL in Chicago in 1965, then returning
> to Cleveland later in the '60s, where he remained until his death in 1973.
> Didn't Runyon work at WHDH at one point . . . or is my memory going?
> -Doug

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