WBIX 1060 running Rosary

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The coverage map won't stay on my screen long enough for me to study
it carefully but it looks like the daytime coverage after the upgrade
to 50 kW using the three-tower array proposed in the application for a
modification of the already granted CP. That three tower array would
consist of towers 2, 3, and 4 of the existing five-tower nighttime
setup in Ashland. AFAIK, the FCC has not yet authorized the
modification of CP. (The original CP calls for the use of all towers
of the existing 5-tower 2.5-kW night pattern but with a power of 50 kW
all day. No change in night facilities. Like the original CP, the
proposed modified CP makes no change in the night operation.)

Meanwhile, it sounds to me as if the station is running less than its
licensed 2.5 kW at night and the day power sounds as if it is less
than the licensed 40 kW/22 kW CH from the old WKOX two-tower site on
Mt Wayte Ave in the heart of Framingham. Conceivably, the station is
now operating full-time from Ashland, but, if so, it would not be
using the proposed three-tower day array or 50 kW. Rather, it might be
running its night (five-tower) pattern at 5 kW during the daytime.

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> Station's site:
> http://www.wqom.org/index.php
> Has map showing alleged coverage area maybe w/ power increase?
> also http://www.thestationofthecross.com has a fundraising campaign
> for better signal(s) of their various stations
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