WNNH 99.1 FM in Henniker NH - dark days?

Ric Werme ewerme@comcast.net
Sat Sep 4 00:39:37 EDT 2010

(Not to be confused with 99.1 in Plymouth MA - WPLM.)

This station sort of faded away and went dark after a power failure.

is an application to stay dark until about now.  An attachment says:

  The Station lost power on Monday, March 1, 2010. However, Nassau III
  requests authority for the Station to remain dark even after the power is
  restored. The Station is the subject of an assignment application, ... to
  implement the restructuring of Nassau III and related companies. ...
  Nassau III requests authority to take the Station dark for a period of six
  (6) months so it can complete the restructuring and the new owner can
  resume Station operations.

They were a decent oldies station, but the empty frequency is also handy
as it's a good spot to run my mp3 player to Crane FM modulator while
driving from near Concord NH to property on Mt Cardigan, 30 miles NNW.

Is Nassau getting its act together sometime?  Maybe not,
is a May request for a 90 day extension for assigning the license.

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WNNH - Scott Fybush scores highly in
the references.

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