ESPN 1510 related domain names registered...

John Francini
Fri Sep 3 13:50:41 EDT 2010

I wonder if that will screw things up for WGAM/WGHM in Nashua/ 
Manchester, which currently clears most ESPN content (save for Red Sox  
games, a PM drive program, and Dan Patrick). WGAM serves as a useful  
counter to WEEI when D&C start getting strident.  I'd much rather  
listen to bird-fed Mike & Mike -- who actually talk about sports in  
the morning -- to D&C's political rants or Toucher & Rich's boys- 
locker-room humor.


On 3 Sep 2010, at 12:15, wrote:

> and Boston Sports Media Watch ( 
>  ) note that 2 domain names relating to ESPN 1510 Boston have been  
> registered. RadioInsight said the domain names were registered by a  
> company run by Anthony Pepe of WWZN (though I could turn up no WHOIS  
> info; private), while Boston Sports Media got a quick response from  
> Pepe saying nothing was happening.
> However it was said here last month that Bob Kraft was looking into  
> possibly getting 1510 to
> run ESPN and Revs soccer, though there was concern about the signal.  
> Who knows what will happen, but I think ESPN started on WEEI last  
> Oct. and if there are one year contracts, you
> wonder if there could be a switch. I happen to think ESPN wouldn't  
> mind a station like 1510
> at least by day and weeknights, and perhaps they could also keep the  
> relationship with WEEI
> (overnights, baseball playoffs) though WEEI wouldn't be too crazy  
> about that kind of situation
> (2 affiliates in town, one with mostly ESPN talk shows?) Bruce Allen  
> of BSMW also
> doubts it will happen, especially given the "hype" about the  
> affiliation last year.
> But if ESPN is desperate enough to want to get its shows on/ ads  
> run, etc...? Look at
> Clear Channel which is getting its Premiere shows (and ads) cleared  
> on WXKS now. The
> ratings are so-so, for now, but they're getting the shows and ads  
> on. Might ESPN want
> the same?

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