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I think 1150 is currently WWDJ. Those calls are being parked in Boston
after being retired from 970 in Hackensack NJ (New York City), where
Salem revived a less well-known set of calls, WNYM, which, I believe,
had last been used at the Salem-owned NYC 1330 share-timer that had
previously become WPOW when Richard Eaton bought it from Watchtower
Bible and Tract Society (AKA Jehova's Witnesses) and flipped it from
WBBR (no relation to Mayor Bloomberg's WBBR). Given the obscurity of
the first WNYM, I find it hard to believe that, when those calls
appeared at 970 a year or two ago, more than a handful of people
remembered the earlier WNYM. But hey, I guess you have to give Salem
credit for paying its respects to radio history by reviving old,
forgotten calls from obscure signals.

The WWDJ calls predate by quite a few years the Hackensack station's
acquisition by Salem; they were used on 970 when it attempted to
challenge the late, lamented, WNEW (AM) for honors as the #1 pop-music
station in the #1 market. WWDJ hired several WNEW personalities,
including Art Ford, long-time host of the overnight Milkman's Matinee.

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> I can't even remember what 1150's calls are now! :-)
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