Boom Boom Brannigan passes on

Doug Drown
Thu Oct 28 14:50:54 EDT 2010

Joe, you heard it right: It was Pudney.  Earle (with an "e") Pudney.  
He was with WGY for over fifty years.  I only vaguely remember him.  I 
do remember Howard Tupper, who was also there for decades and who 
retired, IIRC, not long before WGY morphed into a talk station --- 
early- to mid-'80s, perhaps. 

Ernie Tetrault, the longtime evening anchor for WRGB, who was there 
about fifty years as well, remarked shortly after GE sold the stations 
that working for WGY-WRGB was like working for the federal government 
--- great pay, great benefits, great job security. 


Quoting A Joseph Ross <>:
> On 10/27/2010 8:55 AM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> > I remember Edwardson and Putney from WGY in my college days (early to
> > mid '50s). In those days, though, Steve Fitz was on little WSNY, a
> > 250W Class IV on 1240. WSNY sounded amazingly professional for such a
> > small station--its signal reached the entire Capital District by day
> > but was competitive only in Schenectady and adjoining communities,
> > such as Rotterdam. 
> I remember discovering WSNY by accident from our home in Guilderland
> around 1954 or so.  I wondered about it because it wasn't listed or
> mentioned at all in the radio listings in the Times Union. 
> I also remember Earl Putney (I thought it was Pudney, at least that's
> how it sounded to me) on WGY in the morning, where my mother used to
> turn for news and weather.  He also had a weekday early-evening TV show
> (I don't remember whether it was on every day or just once or twice a
> week) on WRGB, where he sang and played piano.  He must have worked an
> incredibly long day to be on the early morning shift on radio and then
> an early evening TV show.  Likewise Howard Tupper, the weatherman, who
> did the weather forecast in morning and then on the evening local news. 
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