Boom Boom Brannigan passes on

Dave Doherty
Thu Oct 28 11:14:07 EDT 2010

I thought he did a good job of it, too.  He was probably brought in because 
WGY's audience was aging out.  So even though they claimed to have 80-85% of 
all the radio revenue in the market, they decided to change the format. 
That was pretty gutsy.

Harry Downie had been a rock jock before he came to the station, and when I 
ran the board for him, we kept it pretty tight.  Don always said he could 
tell when I was on duty. I asked him if that was a problem and he said no, 
he wished the station always sounded like that.

One summer, I put all the music on carts, and that by itself tightened up 
the sound a lot, except for the cart that skipped...

To get the job done on schedule, I had to do two at a time, so I didn't 
listen to each cart all the way through.  On one, the record skipped a 
couple of times.  That made for a pretty funny entry on the discrepancy log 
the first or second day after we started using the carts.


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> I remember hearing some startling stuff on WGY around that time, too.  It 
> was a long way from being a rock station, but it seemed Brown was trying 
> to move it in a somewhat more contemporary direction, probably to enable 
> it to remain competitive.  -Doug

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