AM Skywave in Upstate NY - was Boom Boom

Doug Drown
Thu Oct 28 08:15:23 EDT 2010

When I was a kid I used to listen fairly often to WCFL and WLS at night. 
I was stunned when I learned that WCFL, one of the great Top 40 
stations, was owned by the Chicago Federation of Labor.  All I could 
think of was big guys meeting in conference rooms filled with cigar 

Quoting Kevin Vahey <>:
> It was 1969 - memories are fuzzy :)
> In Cambridge WCFL was equal to WLS but today WMVP just doesn't make it in
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> Subject: AM Skywave in Upstate NY - was Boom Boom
> Funny.  I lived in Delmar, less than ten miles from, WPTR, but right in the
> middle of one of its two deep nulls. I could not receive the station
> reliably at night. But WKBW 300 miles away? That was like local!
> Around 1969, Emerson Lake and Palmer played the War Memorial auditorium in
> Syracuse. I drove down from Clarkson with a few buddies, listening to WLS
> all the way down. We picked up a female hitchhiker after the concert, while
> WLS was playing "Brandy." She turned out to be from Chicago, and we geeks
> were amazed that she didn't know she could listen to WLS at night in upstate
> New York. I don't exactly recall where any of us wound up that night... 
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> >
> > At night in Unity, Maine, where I miss-spent the summers of my teenage
> > years, WPTR was what every kid listened to!  Even in Actom, MA WPTR and
> > WKBW were often listened to.  OK, which one was Union9-9272 and which one
> > was TT4-5107... Dave Dougherty will know.  Got to visit the WKBW
> > transmitter circa 1976, but not WPTR, although I've driven by it on the
> > throughway many times, as recently as 3 years ago.  Yes, Kid Rock (All
> > Summer Long) makes me think of my teen summers in Unity, wonder what
> > became of Donna (who is now 67)?
> >

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