AM Skywave in Upstate NY - was Boom Boom

Kevin Vahey
Wed Oct 27 23:13:39 EDT 2010

It was 1969 - memories are fuzzy :)

In Cambridge WCFL was equal to WLS but today WMVP just doesn't make it in
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Funny.  I lived in Delmar, less than ten miles from, WPTR, but right in the 
middle of one of its two deep nulls. I could not receive the station 
reliably at night. But WKBW 300 miles away? That was like local!

Around 1969, Emerson Lake and Palmer played the War Memorial auditorium in 
Syracuse. I drove down from Clarkson with a few buddies, listening to WLS 
all the way down. We picked up a female hitchhiker after the concert, while 
WLS was playing "Brandy." She turned out to be from Chicago, and we geeks 
were amazed that she didn't know she could listen to WLS at night in upstate 
New York. I don't exactly recall where any of us wound up that night...

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> At night in Unity, Maine, where I miss-spent the summers of my teenage 
> years, WPTR was what every kid listened to!  Even in Actom, MA WPTR and 
> WKBW were often listened to.  OK, which one was Union9-9272 and which one 
> was TT4-5107... Dave Dougherty will know.  Got to visit the WKBW 
> transmitter circa 1976, but not WPTR, although I've driven by it on the 
> throughway many times, as recently as 3 years ago.  Yes, Kid Rock (All 
> Summer Long) makes me think of my teen summers in Unity, wonder what 
> became of Donna (who is now 67)?

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