Boom Boom Brannigan passes on

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Was this the same Don Brown who had been PD at WLLH til about 68 or 69?

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I worked the summers of 1969, 1970, and 1971 at WGY.  It was, as you say, an
amazing place.

When I first started, they had a full-time Record Librarian!

The FM was an IGM punch-card automation system housed in three racks in what
had been the echo chamber - a long, fairly narrow room with a speaker on one
end and a microphone at the other.

Charlie King was the operations manager, and Don Brown had just started as
Program Director.  I spent quite a bit of time with Don, who was the guy who
brought on Jack "Shannon in the Morning" Murphy after Bill Edwardson left
for greener pastures (Cleveland? Detroit?). Don was trying to tighten up the
format, and it was a hard go with some of the older engineers, whose DNA
seemed to include dead air between events. The engineers were, of course,
all NABET guys.  One fellow had been on staff at WGY for close to 50 years,
and several had forty or more.

Before that, I spent some time working at WOKO while I was in high school.
Geoff Davis was the morning man there when I started. I never met him,
though, because he did his show from a studio in his home.

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>>>I worked summers as a tech at WGY, pushing buttons and
> whatnot for Bill Edwardson, Jack Shannon, Harry Downey, Earl Pudney, and
> Steve Fitz.
> - Dave Doherty
> What a great opportunity!!  WGY, in its prime as GE's flagship, was one of
> North America's greatest, class-act radio stations.   The histories of
> WGY, WGFM (WRVE) and WRGB are amazing.   I'd love to hear some of your
> memories.   -Doug

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