BSO on the radio - not for me anymore

Michael Wilkins
Tue Oct 12 14:07:49 EDT 2010

> > Jim Hall wondered...
> > if WCRB converted their collection of classical vinyl LPs to
> > CD themselves, and didn't always do a great job.
> Larry then replied:
> My guess (emphasis on guess) is that they converted them to mp3 or 
> some similar sort of file on a hard drive (raid) array, not bothering 
> with CD's at all.

Currently, most of WCRB's source material comes from factory Compact Discs. Then there are in-house materials (reels, DATs, etc) that are transferred to CD, and then transmitted. On occasion, an LP is played. Live broadcasts from Tanglewood are delivered over an ISDN with AAC Stereo settings; live BSO performances are sent (iirc - please don't quote me) via dark fiber 48K linear. Only in a rare circumstance does a DAT go directly to air. No mp3 material is transmitted OTA. 

Since the Foundation's Music Librarian is away for the week, I will quote from the descriptor outside the Music Library door, "hosts choose from our collection of 70,000 CDs and 20,000 LPs to create their playlists."



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