BSO on the radio - not for me anymore

Bill Smith
Mon Oct 11 20:32:01 EDT 2010

There is a ridge along 128 that does a great job blocking RF. I have some drive 
test plots I did for a 451 MHz radio system on the New England Electric tower 
right beside 99.5 on Wood Hill and the signal drop was over 20 dB from the 

As for HD, I have a Pioneer stereo with the add-on HD receiver. It sounds great 
especially on AM. The big problem is range. I lose about 20% compared to analog. 
HD-2 is about 50% and HD-3 is close to 30%. AM is so affected by all the usual 
interferers that it's hard to listen to it without it dropping back to analog 
for more than 5 minutes while driving.

Bill in St. Louis

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I certainly would not have guessed that the straight-line distance
from Andover to Swampscott was nearly 20 miles. I would have guessed
12 to 15 miles. Also, some reasonably substantial hill must block
line-of-sight from Wood Hill to Swampscott. Can anybody identify the
hill? WCRB's HAAT is, IIRC, ~650' AAT. Unless the hill that blocks the
signal from Swampscott is very close to Swampscott, that hill must be
pretty high as hills on the the North Shore go.

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