Some "French Chef" puzzles

Kevin Vahey
Sun Oct 10 02:48:39 EDT 2010

Most likely they were shot with 4 tube Marconi cameras that GBH used circa 1970. They just looked awful with NTSC.  WXPO had same cameras as did CBS at Studio 50 aka Ed Sullivan Theater.  The color Sullivan shows have that same look. 
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Garrett Wollman <> wrote:

>WGBH is currently rerunning Julia Child's "The French Chef" during
>their Saturday cooking-show block.  Does anyone here know the answers
>to these questions:
>1) The electronic program guide lists a 2000 production date for these
>episodes.  What does Tribune think was done then?  The original
>episodes are from the early 1970s (older than dirt in TV terms -- or
>at least older than I am!).
>2) Why does PBS have this bizarre policy that the network
>identification is part of the program?  It's quite odd to hear a sound
>that was last current in the early 1980s again; commercial networks
>always keep their graphic identity separate from the programming, so
>they can change it at will.
>3) I think the colors in these episodes look pretty saturated.  Are
>they real?
>4) The show includes very few wide shots, but when they are used,
>there is some fairly noticeable vignetting (which would probably have
>been lost in the CRT's overscan in 1972).  Medium shots fill the
>frame.  Design flaw in the cameras?  (What sort of cameras would they
>have been using originally to shoot the show?  Kevin?)

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