Up with Fessenden, down with Marconi

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Mon Oct 4 11:21:52 EDT 2010

Well said. Fessenden derves a lot more credit for early wireless 

James O'Neal (of Radio World and TV technology fame) has written articles 
on the contibutions of Reginald Fessenden and his understanding of the 
continuous wave.  His pieces have appeared in the AWA Review and possibly he was 
the author of the IEEE piece.  Well worth reading.

The surviving documentation, according to James, concerning the Christmas 
Eve transmission, is inconclusive about the exact date and what was broadcast.
This was based on extensive research at  the North Carlolina family 
archives from newspaper stories.

A letter by Fessenden to Scientific American years later asks for 
confirmation of the Christmas Eve event.  O'Neal believes, at least in private 
conversation, that Fessenden was suffering from Alzheimer's then.


J Ballard 


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