You Say "Skizzum", I Say "Sizz-um"...

Steve Snow
Mon Nov 29 12:12:34 EST 2010

You're looking in the wrong direction to justify their claims.  If their
directional pattern is anything like WRKO's
(or others in the market) the people cited may be in Maine, New Hampshire,
Rhode Island and Canada's maritimes
depending on the co-channel and adjacent channel protections they need.  The
main object is to put just
enough signal over Boston without "feeding the fishes" with extra precious
signal and to put the rest somewhere
it will do some good.  Did I understand that the daytime pattern would be
generated with two towers only?
That would result in some kind of modified "figure eight" plus or minus some
parasitic re-radiation from the
other towers and the local high tension power lines.  Not as neat as what
you can get with three live towers,
I suppose.  But if the FCC signed off on it... Oh, wait, I retract that.

>Their website claims that the signal will reach 5.5 million people, nearly
the whole population of
>Massachusetts. Considering that it will generate about 300 mv westward,
about the same as
>non-directional WILD-AM at full power, this seems unlikely. Maybe the call
letters could stand
>for We Quote Outsize Metrics.

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