Entercom to buy WFNX?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Sat Nov 27 13:18:57 EST 2010

>>Big problem is 93.7 is spotty on a lot of tuners 2 or 3 miles from the Pru. 

Being just down 128 a few miles from Mike's antenna, I tend to forget this :) In which case they could poss. broadcast still on 850 as well--at least maybe for Sox-Celts games? If so the theory of "ESPN 850" --most of the time--would show up, but again they would effectively be competing against themselves.

>>No getting around the fact listeners under 40 ignore AM for the most part.

You have an mp3 player with you, like the Sansa Fuze Plus I bought recently. It has
radio...FM only. You may be in luck if you're near WBOQ or WEEI-FM, but otherwise,
if the Sox game's on, you're out of luck. Do people these days buy AM-FM Walkman
radios, or mp3 players that also have FM?...As for listeners under 40 ignoring radio,
perhaps the only ones who aren't are foreign language listeners (yet there is
some of that on FM--97.3 in New Bedford, 92.1 nr Lawrence) or kids (Radio Disney,
1260--though RD has left the building in Hartford and Prov recently)

>>I think EEI's biggest problem is they are stale 

And now as Donna said people can switch back and forth between EEI and BZ-FM 
and maybe they like the personalities on 98.5 better. Perhaps the folks on 98.5
are not only appealing to younger listeners they may be younger themselves--and 
WEEI could be soon seen, if it isn't already, as "Dad's radio station" while
98.5 could be more hip and young


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