Entercom to buy WFNX?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Sat Nov 27 12:14:47 EST 2010


I haven't seen the Weekly Dig yet in any form but this is interesting if true. WMKK 93.7 has a fairly good signal though perhaps not in some areas; moving the Mike format to 101.7 would still retain a lot of
listeners (is the stick in Medford?) while sports talk and Sox, Celts would be on a fairly powerful FM.
I think if you entered "Lakeland Park Dr. Peabody" and downtown Boston into google maps you'd see it's approx. 18 miles away from downtown (would they keep 850 as a simulcast? or treat it as "main signal at 850 but also now on 93.7?")

Would be great for me, working one town away from the 93.7 stick...hearing Sox games, etc. (Though bad news for some people at work who use boomboxes and tune to Mike 93.7...on the workroom floor there aren't too many FM signals that can be picked up; are they going to tune to classical 99.5 instead? :)

As for WFNX if this were to pass I'd expect WBOS to try and pick up the audience somehow, or at least air some of the music. Perhaps Mindich's operation isn't bringing in the bucks. I was a news intern for
FNX in late 83 for college credit, working with Margie Coombs, Henry Santoro, and Cindy Farias. Back
then WLYN was confined to a couple rooms on the same floor; recent (few yrs ago) visit to FNX studios with a radio fan from Ohio seemed to indicate they have a good chunk of that floor and
LYN is elsewhere.


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