Who is broadcasting at 87.7

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Don't one or more of the 87.x "FMs" around the country (licensed as
Channel 6 LPTVs) call themselves "the Beat"? I thought the company
behind the NYC and Chicago stations was aiming to make "the Beat" its
national trademark and dance or disco its national format. Of course,
the FCC then turned around and said that these stations had only six
months or a year or something like that to live. After that, they will
have to stop transmitting an analog signal (whose audio can be picked
up on most standard FM receivers) and convert to digital, which
probably won't even come in on DTV receivers.

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>> I've heard a hip-hop format with a lot of urban chatter at 87.9
>> (although sometimes it is clearer at 87.7).
>> I've heard them say 'broadcasting from Yonkers to Boston',
>> which would make it a pretty powerful pirate.
>> They also, apparently, sell ad time.  I've heard a spot (forget
>> the product though).
>> I thought it might be 'skip' at first but they called themselves
>> Radio 87.9.
>> (John Lee)
> There are two different pirates, the big one is "Hot 97 Boston" on
> 87.7 in
> Boston (www.hot97boston.com). There is also supposedly a new 87.9
> The Beat
> (http://www.879thebeat.com/) in Nashua, NH, but I haven't heard that
> one
> myself yet.
> Jeff Lehmann
> Hanson, MA

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