Who is broadcasting at 87.7

Dave Doherty dave@skywaves.net
Tue Nov 16 16:42:08 EST 2010

The only *licensed* analog service on those frequencies anywhere in New 
England or eastern New York is WNYZ-LP in New York City. They were running a 
radio format for a while.  Scott probably knows what they're doing now.

Channel 6 audio is on 87.75, which would explain why 87.7 would sound 
better. They are supposed to modulate +/- 25 kHz instead of the +/- 75 kHz 
used by FM stations, so if they're playing by the rules, they would not 
sound as loud. Last time I listened to WNYZ-LP, they sounded like they were 
modulating +/- 75 kHz. But that was some time ago.  And there's little 
chance that you are hearing this station in the Boston area with any degree 
of consistency.


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