WEIM call letter change

Martin Waters martinjwaters@yahoo.com
Tue Nov 2 15:15:38 EDT 2010

> On 10/31/2010 8:32 PM, Kevin Vahey
> wrote:
> > WILD may be second in Boston after WBZ for same calls
> and freq
>And Joseph Ross wrote:
> WILD got its current calls in September 1957.  WLYN
> 1360, since 1947 
> surpasses it on the AM band.  There are also some FM
> stations that have 
> had their present calls and frequencies longer.

   What about WEEI? Doesn't it qualify as a continuation of the station started in 1925, merely with a frequency change? WRKO is considered a continuation of the station started as WNAC.

   For Massachusetts as a whole, WSAR may have the second-oldest calls after WBZ. IIRC, it's the second or third oldest surviving station in the state (can't remember if it started before or after WNAC/WRKO). WSAR may have had different calls briefly -- a few months to a year, maybe? -- when it started. But I can't think of any stations with original call letters that also started in 1922. Isn't WTAG from around 1924? WMAS has its original calls, but it started in 1932.


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