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I recall visiting Studio 1 in Burbank, and chatting with video Operator Bob Pattison about lighting levels with the new TK-44s over the previous TK-41s.  They were still using 400 FC on the set, and his irises were running at F11!  F11!!

The 41s could make good pictures, if the VO knew what he was doing.  Get a copy of Sinatra, "A Man and his Music."  The 41s used on that show were driven by the legendary Jerry Smith-The Man With The Calibrated Eyeballs."  Jerry was/is outstanding-the best in Hollywood.  Every Burbank show requested him.

The audio was mixed by another legend-Bill Cole.

I must disagree with your statement that RCA never recovered after the 43.  RCA sold well over 800 TK-44s, producing  10 shop orders of these cameras.

Susequent orders for the 45 and 46 were not  as great.  The last RCA camera, the 47, sold over 500.  NBC NY and Burbank had these in service.

Then the Japanese took over, although Thomson had a good run with the LDK-6000 cameras. Sony is now the dominant studio camera provider, as they are expert deal makers.  Ikeagmi is barely holding on.

NBC did actually place two TK-43s into service in Studio 5 HN, the Instant News studio.  They did not last too long, and were replaced by TK-44Bs.  RCA put pressure on NBC to buy42/43s, as customers wanted to know why the 42/43s were not used by a division of RCA.  

I was at RCA the day-OCt 3 or 5 1985 when the announcement was made that RCA was exiting the broadcast business.  A very sad day.  RCA was still supply the 47s to NBC, and they were completed at NBC's New York Engineering lab by yours truly.


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What few tapes exist of Carson in NY it is amazing how good the TK-44
ooks 40 years later.
The TK-43 was so bad NBC actually had remote trucks with Norelco
ameras. RCA never recovered.
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 What a waste-Studio 3 for storage.

 When I was at NBC, Burbank was a 24/7 TV factory.  After the GE takeover,
 much of that work went to CBS TV City in LA.  In fact, they built two more
 stages for all the work.

 Studio 6B had permanent seating that was demolished for "Newscenter 4."
 During the demolition, none of the studio equipment was covered, including
 cameras.    It was my job to vacuum out the TK-44 cameras after demolition.

 Studio 6A had collapsable seating that was used for Letterman, Conan, etc.

 J Ballard

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 Were the seats still in 6A when WNBC was using it????

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  Kevin Vahey wrote:
> Anybody know what NBC plans to do with the new studio that was built
> for Conan? Jay apparently doesn't want to leave Burbank so.
> At 30 Rock my understanding is Fallon is using 6-A ( the old Carson
> and WNBC News studio) so what happens to 6-B.

  Dr. Oz is in 6B now.

  The Conan set was struck immediately after the show ended, and that
  purpose-built studio now sits empty at Universal. I understand there was
  some talk about TBS leasing it for the new Conan show, but nothing has
  been decided.

  Jay is indeed married to Burbank. They moved him from studio 3 to studio
  11 when he moved from Tonight to 10 PM, and he stayed in studio 11 when
  he went back to 11:35.

  Studio 3 at Burbank, sadly, is now being used for storage. Studio 1
  across the hall, which was Carson's Burbank home, is now used by Access


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