Question about NBC - LA-Burbank
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What a waste-Studio 3 for storage.

When I was at NBC, Burbank was a 24/7 TV factory.  After the GE takeover, much of that work went to CBS TV City in LA.  In fact, they built two more stages for all the work.

Studio 6B had permanent seating that was demolished for "Newscenter 4."  During the demolition, none of the studio equipment was covered, including cameras.    It was my job to vacuum out the TK-44 cameras after demolition.

Studio 6A had collapsable seating that was used for Letterman, Conan, etc.  

J Ballard

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Were the seats still in 6A when WNBC was using it????

On 5/25/10, Scott Fybush <> wrote:
 Kevin Vahey wrote:
> Anybody know what NBC plans to do with the new studio that was built
> for Conan? Jay apparently doesn't want to leave Burbank so.
> At 30 Rock my understanding is Fallon is using 6-A ( the old Carson
> and WNBC News studio) so what happens to 6-B.

 Dr. Oz is in 6B now.

 The Conan set was struck immediately after the show ended, and that
 purpose-built studio now sits empty at Universal. I understand there was
 some talk about TBS leasing it for the new Conan show, but nothing has
 been decided.

 Jay is indeed married to Burbank. They moved him from studio 3 to studio
 11 when he moved from Tonight to 10 PM, and he stayed in studio 11 when
 he went back to 11:35.

 Studio 3 at Burbank, sadly, is now being used for storage. Studio 1
 across the hall, which was Carson's Burbank home, is now used by Access


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