Anybody know when/if WXKS (AM), WRCA, and/or WUNR plan to switch on AM IBOC?

Wed May 26 10:50:34 EDT 2010

I have it on reliable authority that when all three stations were
built at 750 Sawmill Brook Parkway, they all had everything necessary
at the transmitter end to run IBOC. Except for WXKS, the studio end
may be a different story, however. I had speculated that the stations
might be waiting for a year to elapse after they received their
licenses to cover before they switched on IBOC, because, if IBOC
operation did not commence until after the year was up, the stations
might not have to rectify any new complaints of interference that
might result from IBOC operation. The FCC rules appear to state that,
after a new AM station is built or a significant change is made to an
existing station, the station(s) must, at their own expense, satisfy
all complaints of interference received within the ensuing year from
listeners within the 1V/m "blanketing" contour. I don't think that
turning on IBOC is considered to be a significant change.

Well, I may be mistaken but I think that all three stations were
licensed no later than May 31, 2009.

So did CCU, Beasley, and Champion lose interest in IBOC? The first two
have been very vocal advocates. Or are studio mods holding them up? Or
is there another explanation? As I said, the cost of transmitter-site
mods should not be an issue because everything necessary at the Tx end
is supposedly in place and ready to be switched on. But, of course,
May 31 is still a few days away--and I could have the date wrong.

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