Salem News: WBOQ drops Jackie Ankeles

Ted Larsen
Thu May 20 13:34:23 EDT 2010

I believe she was one of the original ten. I joined the "BOQ sales staff in 
1989 and she was already on staff . She was a consummate professional and a 
terrific person. After that length of service she deserved better than 
"immediate termination." Such is the way of radio.

By the way. I found this on

WHDH, Boston, originally had studios on the water in Gloucester. Its calls 
never really stood for We Haul Dead Haddock, but it was often said that they 

Does anyone know if this is accurate?


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 This NY Times article was dated a month after that (this was May of 88, and 
you said you were there in Apr of 88)

>>The new owner, Douglas H. Tanger, plans to hire 10 people to operate the 
>>station 24 hours a day. Mr. Tanger says he intends to honor Mr. Geller's 
>>wish and keep the station classical.

Ankeles' article says she started when they were classical (under Tanger 
ownership) 22 years ago so she must have been one of the "10 people" hired, 
acc to the article

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Simon sold out in 1988? I thought it was a little later than that. I
last visited him in April of that year and he gave no hint he was
cashing in.

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