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Absolutely. The Saugus site is golden for daytime ND operation and it
would be crazy to abandon it, but it is not well suited to the night
pattern that 950 requires. Whether WROL could get 5 kW at night from
the existing towers in Lexington is open to question, though. My guess
is no. Assuming all of the other problems that I enumerated could be
dealt with (most notably, the complexity and cost of a triplex with
1150 and 1470 and the problems due to proximity to 1510), you have to
figure that 950 would be forced to take whatever power the FCC would
agree to (2.5 kW is a good guess, but it is only a guess). Also, the
CoL would have to change, presumably to Belmont. But with the 37 mV/m
NIF, the NIF contour might not cover 80% of Belmont's population? One
thing that would help is that the area around Belmont HS has few
permanent residents and it's at the opposite end of town, so there is
a good chance that the NIF could cover 80% of the population of
Belmont even if it covered a smaller fraction of the town's area.
Another stopper might be whether the ATUs could fit inside of the
existing buildings at the tower bases. If separate ATU buildings were
required, I could see Lexington denying a building permit, even though
those little buildings would have no material effect on the appearance
of the property. However, maybe the ATUs could fit in weatherproof
enclosures affixed to the exterior walls of the existing ATU

As for 1140 in Providence, unless Langer has managed to get the CP
tolled, it is now dead; more than three years have passed since it was
granted. I guess Langer wanted to steer clear of the 990 site because
of its toxic-waste problems, which might become a "gift" to him from
Davidson if he were ever to use the site. The 990 site is in more or
less the right place for 1140, has the right number of towers (six),
and could possibly be used to synthesize acceptable patterns even
though the tower configuation is different from what Langer had
proposed for 1140. It would definitely be possible to use the 990
towers to synthesize patterns of the correct general shape for 1140,
but unless the powers were reduced from those specified in Langer's
1140 CP, the required protections might not be achievable. Also, the
990 site is a little further from Greenville (1140's CoL) than is
Langer's proposed site. Is there another community that Langer could
use as his CoL? Burrillville (or however it's spelled)?

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950 with 5 kW out of Lexington at night would make sense since it
be beamed southeasterly directly at downtown missing all the
stations (WPEN-PA, WIBX-NY, deactivated Canadians such as NS, etc.).

The daytime ND out of Saugus should be retained: it is very efficient.

Short story: leave the day set-up alone but do investigate 5 kW
directional at night aimed into a tight window bounded by Revere Beach
on the north and the Braintree split (or the 24 &128 junction) on the

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