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WWDJ (I think those are the calls du jour) is a Class B AM. The
maximum for Class Bs is 50 kW. But an increase would be difficult.
First, the Canadians, though dark, must be protected as if they were
still there. Closer to home, there is an 1150 in Middletown CT and
there are 1170s in Norfolk and Orleans MA and Vernon CT. There is also
an 1120 in Concord MA and an 1180 in Hope Valley RI. I rather doubt
whether much could be done at the present site and anything that
required adding or moving towers at that site would almost certainly
be out of the question. The site is, after all, in snooty, NIMBY
Lexington and abuts almost as snooty and probably just as NIMBY
Belmont. Remember also that 1470 uses the same towers as WWDJ. Before
Salem returned its CP that would have added 5-kW night service for
WROL from its existing Saugus site (because of WROL's high NIF, the 
increase from 90W ND-N to 5 kW
DA-N would have added scarcely any population within the NIF contour),
I speculated about a nighttime diplex of WROL and what is now (I
think) WWDJ. The stations that require nighttime protection on 950 and
1150 are in pretty much the same places and 1150 would have made out a
little better than 950 because of a significantly lower NIF. But
realistically, a more interesting question to speculate about is the
possibility of a 950/1150/1470 nighttime triplex from the Lexington
site. From the Lexington site, 950's entire NIF would fall over land
allowing service to actual people, rather than fish. The problem with
triplexes is that they are very expensive and tricky to pull off.
Also, the presence of the 50 kW 1510 only about a mile away causes
some hellish intermodulation and reradiation problems. To top it off,
neither Salem, the primary lessee, nor Multicultural, the secondary
lessee, owns the Lexington site. It is owned by American Tower
Systems. AFAIK, ATS also owns the buildings and all of the towers (the
three self-supporting AM towers and the lone, currently unused, FM

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> Could 1150 get a power increase - I know 1150 in LA runs 50K

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