WCOP (was ABC in Boston)

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For sure that would have been the case at night. The daytime signal is
not great in that direction either but not horrible. The night pattern
primarily protected co-channels in Ottawa, St Johns NB (I think), and
Wilmington DE. The day pattern is simply a considerably relaxed
version of the night pattern with enough gain toward Boston to satisfy
the FCC. At the time WCOP was built, a Boston-licensed AM was supposed
to deliver 25 mV/m to the main post office. WCOP never did much better
than 15 mV/m and had to have gotten a waiver.

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> I also learned for the first time how fickle directional signals
> could
> be. WCOP was doing play by play of a soccer team (Dom Valentino) and
> they used for some home games Manning Bowl in Lynn - and you could
> not
> pick up 1150 clearly.

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