Boston-Radio-Interest Digest, Vol 14, Issue 131

Bill Smith
Tue May 18 23:31:39 EDT 2010

WCOP was NBC as early as 1968.  Thor's mention of Monitor led me to
search the archives for my bookmark of a Monitor tribute site  If you poke around you'll find a March
16, 1968 edition of Monitor taped off air from "Light and Lively"
WCOP, complete with a JIm Dixon WCOP "First in Sound, First in
Service" newscast, so a Boston station did clear a good chunk of the
long-form NBC offerings.  Warning:  It opens with a straight read for
a new wonder drug that relieves pain in "the affected area."
Preparation H.

One would assume that Monitor was dumped when Plough decided to play
the country hits

> I'm pretty sure that the 1260 studios did not move to the street-level
> location in Park Sq until after Diehm sold the station to Air Trails
> and the calls had changed from WVDA to WEZE. By then, as WEZE, the
> station was no longer an affiliate of any of the (by then) four ABC
> radio networks; it had become an NBC Radio affiliate. And IIRC, it did
> not remain an NBC affiliate for terribly long. No Boston-market radio
> station carried NBC Radio's full lineup, but at one point, most of the
> NBC Radio programming that made it onto the air in Boston appeared on
> WNAC 680. That was part of the early stages of the rapid decline of
> what had been America's premiere radio network. NBC was probably glad
> that the market's second-best signal was clearing some of its
> programs, but I doubt whether one person in 100 interviewed at random
> on the streets of Boston or Cambridge could have identitied the
> station that was carrying the largest amount of NBC Radio programming.
> In fact, anyone who had thought about it would have been likely to
> have answered, "NBC Radio--is there really still an NBC Radio?"
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