a suggestion for my new book

Roger Kirk rogerkirk@ttlc.net
Tue May 18 19:46:30 EDT 2010

Would they allow two pictures?  Possibly one Radio personality and one 
from TV?

Personally, I'd put 4 pictures (each in a different "V" of an "X") on 
the cover crossing age demos & local vs national famousness.

One nationally known Boston Radio personality (John Garabedian?) 
(Nationally known w/ younger demos)
One nationally known Boston TV personality (Tom Bergeron?) (Nationally 
known w/ older, mid & younger demos)
One locally known Boston Radio personality (Arnie Ginsburg? Dave 
Maynard?) (Older demos)
One locally known Boston TV personality (Jack Williams?) (Older & mid demos)

Nationally known for being a Boston personality could be problematic.  
But the name and/or picture might be recognizable.

I'd be in a dither if I had to choose just one person.  Whether they 
would admit it or not, anyone not chosen could feel more than slighted.

Could always do a Zeppelin "In The Out Door" LP cover i.e. seven 
different covers - collect them all.

Just my $0.02

Donna Halper wrote:
> At 04:33 PM 5/18/2010, Paul B. Walker, Jr. wrote:
>> Donna, instead of a LARGE picture of ONE personality, what about a 
>> collage of smaller pictures of may personalites, spanning from the 
>> early days of Boston radio up to today?
> That is what I wanted to do, but they don't want that on a cover-- I 
> can (and will) do a collage on the inside, but they want one famous 
> person on the front cover, and another on the back cover. 

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