a suggestion for my new book

Robert S Chase attychase@comcast.net
Tue May 18 18:41:07 EDT 2010

For what it is worth I have absolutely no idea what any outstanding without 
question BOSTON personality would look like to the exclusions of others. I 
said that to indicated I think no one else in the country would recognize 
one either. Like, show me a picture of someone who is a major personality in 
Chicago and I would readily identify who it is? However, there is a 
solution, simply have whoever you select behind a microphone labeled with 
call letters everybody knows are from Boston such as WBZ or in front of a 
studio with same or whatever. That way your editor's, may I say dumb, idea 
won't fall terribly flat and everybody will understand what the book is 
about even if they don't recognize the personality. Given that, I favor 
putting Edwin H Armstrong, the inventor of FM and investor in the Yankee 
Network (you know, the person Sarnoff denies driving to suicide by his 
machinations with the FCC over where the FM band ended up) on the cover. In 
particular there is a picture of him in front of a "Yankee Network" remote 
or chief engineer's vehicle that would be my suggestion. (Sarnoff of course 
belongs on the cover of the New York book.)

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> As many of you know, I am working on a new book-- a pictorial history
> of Boston radio and TV.  The editors (Arcadia Press) asked me to
> choose a cover photo of a famous Boston radio or TV personality, and
> frankly, I can think of many possible choices, but wanted to ask you
> good folks-- what famous Boston radio or TV personality (past or
> present) is sufficiently well known that they should be on the cover
> of a book?  Your suggestions are deeply appreciated.

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