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A. Joseph Ross
Tue May 18 02:18:46 EDT 2010

On 17 May 2010 at 19:40, Dan.Strassberg wrote:

> I think you are right about Kaiser-Globe. And I think I remember 740
> when it was (briefly) WXHR (AM). But if I'm not mistaken, Bob Bittner
> told me that he had never been able to confirm that the the WXHR calls
> ever resided at what is now WJIB (AM). IIRC, Bob also said that there
> is some reason to believe that today's WJIB (AM) was also (briefly)
> WJIB (AM) in a former life many years ago. AFAIK, the calls that the
> station had for most of its life under the ownership of Harvey Radio
> were WTAO.
No question that the WXHR calls resided on 740 for at least a couple 
of years.  What I thought Bob was trying to verify was that the WJIB 
calls once resided on 740 at some time before his ownership.  So far 
as I can recall, they didn't.   When Kaiser-Globe bought the stations 
from Harvey Labs, they shut the stations down and re-launched each 
one separately when it was ready.  WCAS was first, from its Central 
Square studios.  WJIB and WKBG-TV came later.  

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