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A. Joseph Ross
Tue May 18 02:18:45 EDT 2010

On 17 May 2010 at 9:45, Scott Fybush wrote:

> At the same time, Westinghouse circa 1960 was a questionable prize for
> any of the big 3 networks. This was the pre-Group W era when it was
> "WBC," the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, and they thought of
> themselves as practically a fourth network, with no compunction about
> preempting a network offering for something local or generated from
> elsewhere in the Westinghouse empire. So the same desire for a stable,
> full-clearance affiliate that drove CBS from channel 5 to channel 7 in
> 1972 might well have driven CBS *to* channel 5 in 1961.

WBZ-TV had that habit well into the 1990s.  In fact for awhile 
preemptions were running rampant on all Boston stations.
> But if NBC had acquired WNAC radio/TV in 1960, and if it had hung on
> to the radio/TV combo into the eighties, there would have to have been
> a divestiture of either WJIB or of WNAC-FM (which probably wouldn't
> have become WROR!) when GE bought NBC.
And it would have been WNAC-FM again, rather than WRKO-FM.

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