Boston and ABC Radio

Mon May 17 10:40:50 EDT 2010

GE DID own 96.9. Indeed, it was GE, which had had a lot of success 
with the beautiful music format on FM (most notably at KFOG in San 
Francisco), that installed that format at 96.9 in Boston and renamed 
the station WJIB. But I vaguely recall that NBC also owned WJIB at 
some point. Remember, GE owned RCA which owned NBC. And when RCA 
folded, didn't GE sell off the RCA brand name to one or two Japanese 
companies and then directly absorb NBC? And isn't GE's ownership of 
NBC only just now supposedly coming to an end (with the announced 
intended sale of NBC to Comcast)?

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>> NBC owned WJIB?
> [Brian Vita] Wasn't that GE?

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