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A. Joseph Ross
Mon May 17 02:03:01 EDT 2010

On 16 May 2010 at 20:57, Scott Fybush wrote:

> If channel 4 had ended up with CBS way back when, it would have 
> stabilized Boston's TV scene back in 1960 in exactly the way it all
> shook out 35 years later: CBS on 4, ABC on 5, NBC on 7. If
> Westinghouse had gone with ABC (as I dimly recall to have been the
> tentative plan), that would have only sped up the eventual WHDH-TV/CBS
> alliance on channel 5. Would the 1972 affiliation swap for WCVB still
> have happened? Or would CBS not have ended up on channel 4 until the
> Westinghouse/CBS deal in 1995? And how different would Boston TV have
> looked in the nineties with 7 as an NBC O&O, not a Sunbeam station?

As I recall, WHDH-TV 5 was already a CBS affiliate when the WNAC-TV 
swap was being discussed, which would have put ABC on channel 4.  
Presumably, after the changeover to WCVB in 1972, CBS would still 
have wanted to change its affiliation to a more established station. 
> And NBC wouldn't have owned WJIB if it already had WNAC-FM, either. 

NBC owned WJIB?
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