Boston and ABC radio

Bill Smith
Sun May 16 22:44:00 EDT 2010

 When WEZE was at the  Statler Office Building, morning man Alan
Colmes ("Big Al Your Morning Pal") was the only daytime jock during
the station's 1970s oldies period that I recall working with the
window curtains drawn shut.

WEZE was the ABC Information net after the four-way split, and WMEX
had contemporary (Best open ever:  "The forecast for Wednesday:  It'll
be raining pieces of Skylab.  I'm Keeve Berman [or whoever] American
Contemporary Radio")

My hazy memory tells me that eventually  WHDH was with the
Entertainment net, but not until the post Herald-Traveler days and
well into the Blair era when the half-hourly was used on the
overnights. I wonder if there was an Entertainment net affiliate right
after the split, or if there was ever an FM net affiliate.

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