Boston and ABC Radio

Ted Larsen
Sun May 16 13:04:06 EDT 2010

I remember that the Hotel Bradford had previously been the site of WBZ's 

And the Hotel Kimball in Springfield for luxury condos with an 
impressive foyer.

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>I believe that is what happened but I have no proof. For sure, the
> Yankee/Mutual affiliation stayed with WNAC when WNAC moved from 1260
> to 680. WVDA was cobbled together from the old WNAC 1260 transmitter
> in Milton and/or Quincy and the Boston studios of the old WLAW 680,
> whose main studio was in Lawrence, the CoL. I believe that WLAW
> originated more programming from Boston than it did from it's "main"
> studio in Lawrence. The WVDA studios (which had been the WLAW Boston
> studios) were in a well-known Boston hotel, whose name I keep
> forgetting. That hotel had previously been the site of WBZ's studios
> and also the studios of WBOS (not just the FM station but also WBOS
> (AM) 1600, which became WUNR many decades ago).
> It makes sense that when 680 became WNAC, the ABC affiliation would
> have moved from 680 to 1260 (WVDA), because both WLAW and WCOP had
> been ABC affiliates (something that was possible because WLAW was
> officially not a Boston station despite having the market's second
> best signal in Boston) and Plough Inc, WCOP's new owner, did not want
> WCOP to continue its network affiliation. Despite a 5-kW signal that
> was inferior downtown and elsewhere to 680's 50-kW, WCOP had been the
> "real" Boston ABC affiliate for several years before Plough bought it.
> I think it was established many years ago on this list that, even
> though three or four stations had maintained studios in the same
> Boston hotel at various times, they did not all occupy the same space
> at different times. Indeed, there was probably a time when that hotel
> was home to at least two unrelated radio stations at the same time.
> Somebody, please supply the hotel name so I can say, "Oh, yeah."
> (Wasn't it on Stuart St? It was neither the Parker House nor the
> Touraine, IIRC.) Thanks.
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>> I wonder whether
>> WVDA picked up the ABC affiliation from WLAW when that changeover
>> took place.
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