Boston and ABC Radio

Sat May 15 22:52:58 EDT 2010

Considering that the rule that caused NBC to have to spin off the Blue
Network made it illegal for one company to own multiple networks that
OPERATED SIMULTANEOUSLY, ABC's decision to split its feed four ways
was a stroke of pure genius! There was no simultaneous transmission;
IIRC, the TOH feed continued and new feeds were initiated at ;25, :30,
and :55. That left the periods from :05 to :25 and :35 to :55 free for
transmission of specialty programming and ABC did use some of that
time to transmit additional content, which most stations that used it
aired after various delays. IIRC, the name of the network whose feeds
came at :55 was American Contemporary. I can't recall the names of the
other three networks. Also, the seven-note sounder heard in the final
broadcast had a lyric that was sometimes used: "It's always live and

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> At 06:49 PM 5/15/2010, Jim Hall wrote:
>>WORL (now WROL) 950 was also an ABC affiliate at least for news at
>>point back then.
> In the mid 1950s, WVDA listed itself as an ABC station (and it was
> also listed on the ABC map of affiliates in the Radio/TV Annual.
> After WVDA was sold in 1957, the next affiliate listed in the late
> 50s was WTAO.

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