Al Kennedy

Bill Smith
Fri May 14 12:28:35 EDT 2010

I believe Al Kennedy ended up as the flak for Massachusetts House
Speaker Thomas W. McGee.  They'd send out a weekly PA show on 3 1/2
inch reels called Beacon Hill Reports on which some obscure rep or
another would be "appearing in place of Speaker McGee this week."  It
was a pain in the neck since you'd have to go start the next element
when the obscure rep's 15 minutes of fame (literally) were up,

Of course this fact is only remembered by people who had to run the
Sunday morning God Squad and public affairs block, since nobody on
earth actually listened. Except Ike Cohen, and he listened because he
was afraid the Presbyterian Hour LP would start skipping, unnoticed by
the person on duty.  He rued the day that they stopped coming on
transcription discs (but never tossed the transcription machines,
which remained part of the Museum of Cooling.)

Makes me want to go use spring water to make coffee.

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