NorthEast Air Checks
Thu May 13 13:40:35 EDT 2010

BRI list member Mark Connelly contributed a lot of the stuff I
recently put up, thanks go to him and the flash drive he sent me with
all kinds of stuff!

-Rick Kelly

A good amount of '60s to early '70s material comes from my reel-to-reel 
tapes made at the "Menotomy Rocks Park recording studio" (High Haith 
Rd., Arlington) where I first got into airchecking as a kid starting 
around the 6th grade.  There are probably a few more reel and cassette 
tapes to dump into Total Recorder but available time may not be there 
until I retire.

Other material came from various people with whom I've traded 
cassettes, and later CD's & MP3's, over the years.  There's a guy up in 
Maine who has a lot of WBZ material.

WBZ must be the overall "winner" among New England stations when it 
comes to archived programming in the hands of collectors.

Of course the station's roster over the years reads like the who's who 
of broadcasting: C. DeSuze, D. Maynard, A. Dary, J. Dunn, J. Kaye, D. 
Summer, B. Bradley, etc. in the music days and Glick, Sullivan, 
Brudnoy, Leveille, and so many others in their news-talk incarnation.

I think all of us, whether we worked in broadcasting or are just fans, 
should do as much as we can to dub any of our (likely deteriorating) 
aircheck tapes of historical and entertainment value into MP3 and then 
share the files with others of like interest.  This way the history, 
the talent, and the all-around-fun of old broadcasts is not lost 

Mark Connelly (WA1ION) - Billerica, MA + S. Yarmouth, MA

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