Car antennas

Aaron Read
Tue May 11 10:42:34 EDT 2010

Tim - I can't speak quite as much for AM as for FM, but in general for 
BOTH bands, your average HD Radio receiver is actually quite good.  Not 
just for digital signals, I mean for analog, too.  The filtering and DSP 
is usually several notches above your average factory radio, and 
lightyears above your average aftermarket non-HD radio.

The simple reason is that the digital signals are so much weaker than 
analog that these radios HAVE to be that sensitive, and that good at 
adjacent-channel rejection, in order to pick anything up at all.

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I'm happy you brought this up.  It used to be the best AM radio 
reception I enjoyed was in the car.  Now, AM in the car is horrible. 
The car's electronics seem to cause too much interference and fidelity 
is terrible either way.  Does anyone know of a good after-market AM 
radio and/or antenna I should consider?

Tim Coco
President & General Manager

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