IEEE Milestone Project - FM info wanted

Kelleher, Daniel
Wed May 5 10:56:14 EDT 2010

Hello Radio Folks,
 A gentleman approached me looking for information on early FM, in
particular the Yankee Network. He's retired and working on a IEEE
project to identify significant technical milestones. The Fessenden
broadcast from Brant Rock is the only radio related IEEE milestone so
far in Massachusetts. There are several others in the Boston area, none
from Worcester. He's dug up a lot about Bill DeMars, John Shepard, W1XOJ
and happenings here on Asnebumskit. He feels the first FM network may be
a worthy milestone. If any of you have dope on W1XOJ, W43B, WGTR, the
Yankee Network, its offspring the W-CN Concert Network or early FM in
Massachusetts, he would be interested. 
Please contact Gil Cooke,email or 617-759-4271 
Thanks. dan

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