Weather Change at WBZ 4

Mark Watson
Sat Mar 27 08:14:59 EDT 2010

 Maureen Carney wrote:

> I noticed that Ken wasn't around a lot lately so perhaps he knew a while 
> ago. It would have been nice if Barry got the job, but I guess that wasn't 
> meant to be.

  According to an article I read in Friday's Herald, Ken's brother was 
killed in a car accident two weeks ago, which would account for him being 
out a few days in that time period. And to come back to work on the heels of 
such a tragedy and days later you're being shown the door. I don't watch 
Channel 4's news very much, although occasionally I catch some of the 9PM on 
WSBK, I thought Ken did a good job.

   And I agree with you about Barry Burbank. If I'm correct he's been at 'BZ 
for over 30 years, yet they never gave him the chief title or the 5, 6 & 
11PM newscasts, although he does fill in there when needed, such as the last 
couple of nights. When they unceremoniously showed Bruce Schwoegler the door 
several years ago Barry should have been moved up. He did have the weekday 
morning & middays at one time before being relegated back to weekends/fill 

Mark Watson 

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