WXKS HD3? hopefully!

Mario Gonzalez Jr. mariogonz@aol.com
Sun Mar 14 22:06:29 EDT 2010

My personal preference is the Rumba format over the Mia format.

I just checked the iheartradio.com webite and there are a bunch of Rumba 
stations that are streaming.  I thought that the "home" Rumba station 
was in Philadelphia.


On 3/13/2010 10:51 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> My guess is that it was a last-minute decision to kill off the Rumba
> name in this market and go with Mia. By the time that decision was
> made, the WKOX and WXKS (AM) calls had already been swapped. I think
> it would have made more sense to keep the Rumba name and WXKS calls on
> 1430. The Rumba name already had more than two years of history in the
> market and had been associated with 1430 all that time (although it
> had been more strongly associated with 1200). Obviously, neither Rumba
> nor Mia could be associated with 1200 any longer. But I don't think
> any questions would have been raised if the SS music on 1430 had been
> branded with the Rumba name. Does anyone know whether CCU has killed
> off the Rumba name nationwide? And if the name has been killed off
> nationwide, why was it?

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