WXKS HD3? hopefully!

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 15:32:39 EST 2010

I think I tried the HD3 for 107.9 but got nothing. RushRadio1200 may
indeed be heading there.

And in case people are wondering about the recep I got with the HD
unit at work, well,
it's still a huge postal facility and FM recep isn't the best. I found
I could get the regular
signals and maybe some HD2s (like WMKK-HD2, Funkytown) but WMKK-HD 3
barely came in on the workroom floor. It would pop in for a moment in
a certain place, then I'd
lose it and "no longer available" would pop up on the display.

If they put it on HD2 it probably would be fine but HD3 recep not
good...THOUGH all
WMKK signals,including WEEI on WMKK-HD 3 came in fine in our break
room. Some other
HD signals came in there, too, including one for WROR=HD 2.

Sometimes I would get a display of the song but it wasn't strong
enough to pick up
the song itself--for example, an old Tanya Tucker country song would
be on WKLB-HD2's
display but other than picking it up for a few seconds, nothing. I
suppose if I were outside I'd have better luck, and there is limited
recep in the breakroom, but I can't expect
miracles with the HD receiver in a place like mine. However it should
come in fine at my house, or if I'm out for a walk, etc.

On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 9:05 AM, Dave Tomm <nostaticatall@charter.net> wrote:
> I'm thinking that the reason they moved the WXKS calls to 1200 is so they
> can put it on 107.9's HD3 channel eventually.  It would be similar to WBZ-FM
> running 1030 on their HD3.

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