Would Sox games be on 93.7 HD signal?

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I think you meant "power is allocated to the entire digital multiplex,
not to individual subchannels." Is that what you meant? (In other
words, isn't the word "not" immediately preceding the word "allocated"
an error?) If the corrected version above is what you meant, I fail to
see how what you meant differs in any material way from what I said in
the post with which you took issue. Now, if you meant to say "power is
NOT allocated to the entire digital multiplex, BUT RATHER to
individual subchannels," we have a disagreement and I don't understand
how what you are saying is--or could be--true. The digital power does
not appear to be a function of how many digital subchannels there are
or how a station allocates the available bit rate among its

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>> I knew nearly all of that--and I do not understand how what I wrote
>> is
>> in any way contradictory to it. That is, in the iBiquity FM-band
>> system, since the digital signals share the bandwidth and power
>> allocated to digital, only a station that has only one digital
>> channel
>> (the analog-channel simulcast) could devote as much as 10% of the
>> analog-channel power to a single digital channel.
> Power is not allocated the entire digital multiplex, not to
> individual
> subchannels.
>> But for the purposes of my message, so what? The point is that,
>> unless the Insignia receiver was not meant to demodulate analog
>> (and
>> I believe that it can demodulate analog), it is BOUND to be more
>> than senstive enough to pick up WBOQ's analog signal in Nelson's
>> workplace in (I think) N Reading.
> Does not follow.
> Nearly all FM tuners in existence today are sensitive enough to
> receive any FM signal which can theoretically be received using the
> same antenna.  Where they differ is in their susceptibility to
> interference and front-end overload.
> The iBiquity system uses COFDM, so there is some processing gain in
> addition to the analog-domain AGC.
> -GAWollman

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