Would Sox games be on 93.7 HD signal?

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Fri Mar 12 12:34:58 EST 2010

Dan wrote:

>> only a station that has only one digital channel 

(the analog-channel simulcast) could devote as much as 10% of the 
analog-channel power to a single digital channel. But for the purposes 
of my message, so what? The point is that, unless the Insignia 
receiver was not meant to demodulate analog (and I believe that it can 
demodulate analog), it is BOUND to be more than senstive enough to 
pick up WBOQ's analog signal in Nelson's workplace in (I think) N 

It is true that FM analog recep of the FM/HD receiver I just bought seems to be pretty
sensitive and maybe WBOQ would come in well, but if I can pick up the HD-3 signal
of WMKK I should be fine re: Sox. WEEI sports radio network's facebook page confirmed that
Sox games and Celts games would be on, "details to come"

My workplace is off Rt 28 in N. Reading, about a mile or two south of the Andover line and not far from Wilmington. Technically WMKK's stick is one town over (I believe one small part of Peabody
touches N. Reading, or you can go through a sliver of Lynnfield or Middleton to go to N.
Reading from Peabody). That WMKK stick can be seen easily from Routes 1, 128, and I-95.
In our building, the strongest FM signals are from WMKK and also WCRB 99.5. 

AM reception where I work is hampered by machinery. WRKO is easier to pick up than WEEI
but where I am in the building now, I would need a mini-FM transmitter to pick up either station
or WBZ, for that matter. (We'll see if I can pick up the WBZ signal on WBZ-FM HD 3, if I feel
like hearing Rea or Leveille). 98.5 can be picked up in our building but we'll see if the HD
signal attached to it comes in.

As for WBOQ, it comes in near the edges of our building but on the workroom floor one would need to
stand in one place and hold the radio a certain way, and even then it would be shaky. Boomboxes
with antennae have been tried; didn't quite bring it in.

Getting back to the sensitivity issue, one reason I balked at buying this portable was I had bought an AM-FM portable with the Insignia name from Best Buy and recep was horrible. I thought, if that's
any indication of what the HD is like, assuming it's from the same manufacturer (with Best Buy
putting their Insignia name on it), why bother? But I met up with Eli Polonsky at a blues concert in
Arlington and he showed me his HD portable. Hearing that WEEI would be on 93.7's HD 3 signal
made me consider buying the HD portable, and I've done so.

And how many of the "HD radio. It's time to upgrade." ads have we been subjected to so far? :)
Well, if recep is half decent, it'll be worth it. So far, so good here in Beverly.


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