George Carlin at WEZE
Fri Mar 5 16:46:16 EST 2010

I remember listening to that on the radio when I was a kid. My mother used  
to have it on I guess she thought by listening to it, it was like saying  
the rosary yourself . I had no idea what it was about.
There was a comedian, I think he worked in Boston for awhile, named Steve  
Sweeney, that brought back that memory in one of his comedy routines on the  
Tonight Show many years ago only he did it as a horse race. When I think 
about  it he did sound like he was calling a race.
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Cushing  himself would say the rosary live from his home every evening
at 6:45. One  night Cushing ran late and Carlin cuts him off to go to
NBC News at 7.  Cushing was not amused.

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